Bakers is still going strong after over 160 years in the business! This iconic brand partnered with Vision Elevators and our mechanical and electrical engineering teams on this very unique project. We provided a tower, designed and manufactured internally, as well as a particularly custom goods hoist with a conveyor inside and automatic doors. Automatic doors are very unusual for goods hoists, but on this project, the door controls have been carefully linked to Baker’s conveyor system to manage the risk.

This particular goods hoist is the first of a multi-unit order for some of Baker’s production facilities in KZN. They currently have three other goods hoists in our production schedule with capacities of 2000kg, 3500kg and 4000kg, along with a neat little dumbwaiter for the smaller loads. The timing of each order is critical since Bakers manufactures on such a large scale and naturally has to limit the disruption to their production output. We are very proud that our goods hoists will reliably contribute to the continued large-scale production output of such a well-known and established company.

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