Our dumbwaiters are highly customisable and versatile.

They are neat, modern, and require minimal shaft space. They carry loads from 100kg to 300kg in our standard range, up to 500kg if required. Maximum internal lift dimensions are restricted to 1000mm wide x 1000mm deep x 1200mm high in South Africa. Our dumbwaiters are used in houses, fast food outlets, restaurants, libraries, hotels, hospitals, offices, and even by a Namibian diamond company. They are ideal for moving small goods, however, if you need to move something a bit bigger, have a look at our Goods Hoists range which can take a much larger load.

If you would like to determine the approximate shaft size for a particular dumbwaiter, please download our dumbwaiter brochure. The information on our website as well as in our downloadable brochures are all for our standard units, but if you are in need of a custom solution we are still able to assist. Wesant has a strong team of engineers which allows us to assist customers with all sorts of modifications if required. Feel free to contact us with any and all of your requests so we can assist in giving you exactly what you need.

The Wesant team is always willing to assist and would love to hear from you if you have any feedback on our dumbwaiters.
CAPACITY100kg – 500kg
SPEED0.1m/s – 0.2m/s
DOOR ORIENTATIONInline or opposite
CAR DOOR TYPESNone, bi-parting shutters
LANDING DOOR TYPESBi-parting shutters
DRIVE TYPEPositive drum drive
USEMoving of goods only
FINISHESGalvanised mild steel, powder coated mild steel, stainless steel
SERVING HEIGHTTypically floor level or 800mm
Arrival bell on car
Alarm bell if doors have been open too long
Intercom between landings
Segmented display on landings
VVVF control
Shelf in car (Maximum load 100kg)

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