What a project! This custom goods hoist for the Sea Harvest Group was a great challenge for our engineers and our production team. 2000kg, 3000mm wide, 3000mm deep, 13500mm travel, with adjacent entry, hence the unusual shaft layout. Custom units like this are quite rare, but our team and our partners at Vision Elevators did a fantastic job on this project.

The Sea Harvest group employs almost 5 000 people, and they are really passionate about sustainable employment. Beyond that, they also believe in responsible harvesting and ensuring that they positively impact the communities in which they operate. This is very similar to our mission at Wesant, which is to provide safe and reliable elevators for Africa while remaining fully committed to sustainable job creation, valuing our staff and their families as much as we value our customers. It’s always great to come across like-minded companies, so we really look forward to working with Sea Harvest again as they grow their company and replace their ageing goods hoists in the years to come.

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