This is a great picture, not because it shows any details about our products, but rather because it is proof of the dedication and commitment of our production team. We never ever want our team to be the ones holding up a construction site, regardless of the reasons for the delay. Consequently, our team went the extra mile to ensure that this order for a goods hoist and two dumbwaiters were delivered ASAP even though it meant loading this truck at night.

We are always excited about each unit that we get to export to other African countries. We know that there are already thousands of dangerous units installed all across our continent, and we know just how devastating the consequences can be when accidents occur with equipment of this nature. This is why we really take pride in the safety and reliability of every product we manufacture. With each goods hoist that we export, we know that we are contributing towards the growth and development of our continent, not though exploitative means as is so often the case, but rather in an ethical manner that we can be proud of. We really look forward to further growing our impact both locally in South Africa and all across the continent in the decades to come.

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