It’s always great to see a goods hoist with its fully cladded tower in our factory. Towers have been in particularly high demand this year, and when they have a fairly long travel like this unit did, they can be a little disruptive when we assemble them in the factory. Before releasing any units from our factory, we always assemble them first to ensure that there won’t be unnecessary and disruptive difficulties on site. While this is certainly slower than alternative methods, it is a critical part of our quality control process and something that we will continue to do in future.

RCL Foods is a leading South African food manufacturer, already employing more than 21 000 people and producing a wide range of food products under multiple well-known brands. Like us, they are also looking to grow their impact in Africa. They have already invested heavily into Royal Swaziland Sugar Corporation, which is one of the largest companies in Swaziland/Eswatini, producing two-thirds of the country’s sugar and a large portion of its ethanol. Additionally, they already have major investments in Senn Foods in Botswana, Hudani Manji Holdings in Uganda, and L&A Logistics in Zambia. RCL Foods doesn’t recklessly extend itself, but rather uses a measured, calculated approach in its decision making. Considering this careful, deliberative approach, we really appreciate that they recently chose to partner with us for one of their facilities in South Africa.

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