In part 1, we mentioned that when selecting a lift, one of the most important questions is: “What are you moving?”

In part 2, we will discuss another major advantage of goods hoists over passenger lifts, specifically the relationship between capacity and floor area.

Typically, passenger lifts for capacities up to 1000kg are reasonably affordable. However, once the capacity reaches 1600kg, the pricing generally becomes significantly more expensive. Any unit with a capacity of 2000kg or more is typically considered expensive by any company’s definition.

Additionally, the standard internal car size for the 1000kg passenger lift is 1100mm wide by 2100mm deep, with 900mm wide doors. This unfortunately doesn’t work if you were planning to move the commonly used 1000mm by 1200mm pallets in your lift.

Let’s ignore the issue with the doors as discussed in part 1, and let’s say you asked your supplier to increase the car width. For them to do this for a passenger lift, they would have to either decrease your car depth, or increase the capacity of the unit. This is because the maximum passenger lift floor area is directly linked to the capacity of the unit.

Goods hoists, on the other hand, are not restricted in this way.

Goods hoist suppliers are very flexible when it comes to car dimensions. If we had to define a standard for a 1000kg load, that would be 1500mm wide by 1500mm deep with a 1500mm wide door opening, perfect for the standard pallet size. However, the unit could also be smaller if your shaft space is very limited. Or if you have the space and you are moving something light, perhaps household appliances such as fridges, then you could also have a 1000kg goods hoist that’s 2000mm wide x 2000mm deep, or essentially any reasonable size that suits you.

It can be difficult to make a decision on the right size for your goods hoist, especially since you will most likely use the same unit for the next twenty years. If you would like some guidance or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our engineers who will gladly assist.

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