Another neat and successful goods hoist installation by one of our biggest customers, Vision Elevators. This unit was installed in the Wentworth Provincial Hospital in KZN. Interestingly enough, the hospital borders a nature reserve, just like our factory! Despite being in an industrial area, we frequently see wildebeest and other buck species on the slopes near us. This is just quintessential Africa, and something we really appreciate. We really have a heart for our country and continent, so it’s very meaningful to us that our operations provide interesting, sustainable employment opportunities for young engineers and so many others who need to provide for their dependents. We know just how significant each job is to the families of the various breadwinners employed here, so we are here to stay and invest ourselves in our nation’s future!

Thank you to the KZN government for supporting the local manufacturing industry and for trusting us to provide a product that meets the strict requirements of this hospital.

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