ACDC in Cape Town purchased this goods hoist from us through our biggest customer, Vision Elevators. The interesting thing about this unit is that it uses electrical components that are purchased from ACDC too, albeit from a different branch. ACDC has an extensive product range, specialising in the electrical sector and catering for households, contractors, industrial applications, agriculture, mining, and manufacturing markets. Their branches are spread out all over South Africa and we appreciate the trust they have placed in us to really deliver on this unit that will serve them for the next twenty or so years.

Vision Elevators, also operating throughout South Africa, has been steadily growing its brand, presence and capacity over the last 15 years. Wesant has an excellent relationship with Vision and has provided Vision with goods hoists, platform lifts and dumbwaiters since Vision was formed back in 2006. The value of Vision’s familiarity with our products is extremely significant since it leads to fast, high-quality installations and efficient monthly preventative maintenance. Some of Vision’s lift technicians even started their careers in our factory, so they are very comfortable with our products. The Wesant and Vision partnership will certainly continue over the decades to come and we look forward to watching the Vision brand spread even further in South Africa.

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