This unit was a particularly interesting one for our team to design and manufacture. We supplied the goods hoist as well as the tower and the sheet metal cladding. A great feature of this cladding system, aside from the aesthetics, is that the panels can be fitted to the tower from the top of the car. This approach is much easier and more affordable than the alternatives such as renting expensive scaffolding or using a “cherry picker”. There were some unusual site requirements to work around, hence the additional steel members to fix the tower to a wall a few meters away.

Despite its five landings and its travel of 11m, Hands On Lifts managed to quickly and efficiently install this unit for Metrofile. Metrofile were very happy with our product and the installation, which was the second of his kind in the last couple of years. Metrofile’s previous goods hoist and tower order, which we supplied for another one of their warehouses in KZN, had an even longer travel of 16m, with seven landings.

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