This picture really puts the size of the 4000kg goods hoist for Bakers into perspective. On the right is a small 1000kg goods hoist for Tiger Brands, the last of the four goods hoists they ordered late in 2020. On the left is the machine cabinet for the 4000kg capacity, 3500mm wide, 3200mm deep Bakers goods hoist. This machine cabinet will be installed partially in the shaft sidewall, with the ropes running up in the inside of the shaft to diverter pulleys at the top, then down to pulleys on the car, and back up to the top of the shaft again. The side of the cabinet that’s visible in the picture will be accessible to authorised personnel from outside the shaft through lockable swing doors that had not yet been fitted at the time this picture was taken. Goods hoists like this require significantly more labour and skill than smaller units, but the challenge is a welcome one, particularly when we get to stand next to the output of all that additional work.

Something that we really appreciated in 2020, particularly in such difficult global and local economic conditions, is that companies like Bakers and Tiger Brands trusted us not just with individual units, but with multi-unit orders that protected the jobs of so many breadwinners in our company. Beyond that, it currently looks very promising that we will bring in another multi-unit goods hoist order for Tiger Brands, and we already have another order for Bakers in our schedule. Our relationships with these two companies have been, and continue to be, crucially important to our efforts to provide sustainable employment opportunities for our staff.

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